Monday, April 26, 2010

New Stuff

It's pay day! So I picked up a couple of stuff from River Island before my workout on Saturday. I wasn't intending to buy anything I swear but then I only bought a sling bag and a pair of shoes and I don't think I'm gonna buy anymore things anyway. I must admit it's a little bit on the impulsive side but well, at least I didn't buy a "proper bag" (read: luxury, designer bag). So I guess it's fine cos it's fun pieces.
It's a cute sling bag. Small too cos I haven't got any tiny bag that can hold all my basic stuff that I wouldn't mind trashing around. My Alexa's a bit too precious for that. And this is great cos BB's sister Gail is in town and we did a lot of walking and sweating and being pleather means I won't have to worry if I'm sweating all over the strap...gross I know...but then at $99, it's really quite overprice come to think of it...damn the bloody exchange rate...sigh...
Ohhh how cute is this pair of flats? Very Dorothy from Wizard of Oz....I love the little bow but again, it's a bit of a rip off at $73 considering it's just canvas....I hope it won't blister my feet though or I'll be really pissed off!

Very tired now from Sentosa today...will update more on the touristy bits tomorrow or Tuesday...hahaha...I'm on leave tomorrow and Tuesday! 

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