Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Androgynous Scent-sation!

I've a new favorite fragrance! Nooo...I haven't failed the Project Chinese Jew cos I didn't succumb to temptation and buy a new perfume but I've been wearing BB's Prada Infusion D'Iris Homme Eau de Toilette. I've yet to nicked his bottle cos I'm just using the free samples that come with it. It's super nice and I love smelling it on him...in fact it's so nice that I started wearing it cos I can't stop sniffing it and it's cool cos it's got this androgynous charm when it's on a girl! It's a nice clean fresh scent that makes you feel like you've just stepped out of a shower, freshly lotioned. I do think it's light enough for a girl to wear and in fact, I can name a hell lot of scents that's heavier than this anyway. And I very much prefer the men's fragrance from Prada cos their lady's fragrance is just way strong and rather old fashion (I've got the Prada Tendre and I gave it to my sister who prefers stronger perfume)....

This one has got a nice baby clean feel that's irresistibly charming! Top notes are mandarin orange and neroli, heart notes are Iris, Galbanum, Vertiver (I love!!) and Ceder and it mellows down to a comforting powdery notes of benzoin and frankencense. I would describe it as the nice perfume equivalent of sniffing your favourite blanket (okay, not the most attractive especially if you drool over your blankie but you know what I mean!) or smelling the warm natural sweet scent on a baby....It's great! I dunno how long I'll get to wear this cos I have a feeling that BB isn't generous when it comes to sharing perfume cos he doesn't want me to smell like him (ie. like a man)....not like I wear it all the time but haha...he'd better hide his bottle well!


Jess said...

Hi there, new to your blog and I love it! possible to give me some background, how you met BB and all that and when you got together with him and how it happened? Also, maybe a bit about yourself?

Amanda said...

Hi B... love your beauty tips! Have you tried using BB cream? I'm thinking to get one but not sure which brand to get! :)

B said...

@Jess, BB and I met at my favorite Japanese udon place at Liang court basement in January (I wrote about it before, the udon place that is) and it was a bar counter setting and I was alone slurping my udon and he happened to sit next to me and apparently he's never had any udon before and he asked me what's good here and we started talking. Next, he asked me if I'd like to grab a drink somewhere and I said okay and that's kinda how it got started. We went on a couple more dates and we're both very smitten and it just happened very smoothly and comfortably cos we're at the same page and want the same thing.

Erm, I suck at telling people about myself haha! Cos dunno where to start! What would you want to know?

@Amanda, I've tried BB cream and I got this one from a Watsons in Taiwan and I'm not sure if it's available in Singapore and it's called L'egere BUT thing is, I don't really like BB cream. The L'egere one is okay but in general, I find all BB cream a bit thick in texture and it's almost too balmy for this hot weather and I sweat so much and it feels a bit sticky after. The main problem I find is that it doesn't suit all skin tone. It works well for fair skin and most brands don't really have color options as they all come in one color and I find most color's too light for me even when I'm on the fair side. But I guess if the color suits you, it can be quite good and you just need to pat on a bit of loose or pressed powder and you're good to go! I tried the texture of the one they're advertising a hell lot in Watsons. I can't remember the name but it's Super BB in a cylindrical hot pink bottle and that's not bad I think. You might want to test it out. I like it better than my L'egere which I'm not using now :p

Jess said...

Hey B,

I guess how long you've been together? What's next? And what you do as a day job? Really like your blog by the way, it's clear and is written in a breezy manner.

Udon haha - not a fan, and it goes against your new GI Jane routine!

Good tips though, also trying to get the washboard abs, but now there is only one line down my tummy and it doesn't even extend all the way to the bottom.

Sigh, uphill battle I say. Doesn't help that my bf's is totally fit (works out like a mad person).

B said...

Hey Jess,

BB and I haven't exactly been together for long, it's going into our 4th month only but it feels so right with him that we feel as if we've known each other forever :)

Haha..my day job. I'm a communications manager so I deal with the media, press release and stuff along that line...zzzz...LOL

Ohhh actually Udon is quite healthy cos it's a lot of soup and not a lot of oil. I actually cook it a lot at home and I don't believe in cutting carbo cos it's bad for your kidneys in the long run...So I actually eat tons of veggies and some carbos...lately I've been bad cos I'm addicted to Mentaiko pasta...not the healthiest choice I know...and just now I was at VivoCity for lunch and I bought a pack of cheese balls from candy empire :p

Ohhh the line down the abs is a good start!!! Keep going and then you'll notice the sides below the your ribs will start to get defined and it'll get a bit of a concave shape there...but it's almost impossible for girls to get a 6-pack without some crazy controlled diet (I meant drinking only protein shakes and eating only oats type :s) and serious exercise cos we're all hormonally meant to store fat around the belly so we're genetically more disposed to store fat (also it's the body way of prepping you for any potential pregnancy etc etc)...it's easier for men to work off that subcutaneous layer of belly fat whereas for women, unless you're a serious serious fitness fanatic, it's wiser to aim for a defined abs...for me, as long as it doesn't bulge out, I'm happy LOL

If your bf is super fit, go workout together!!! Can be a jog or brisk walk or something...or even better, go to the gym together!


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