Friday, May 07, 2010

Project Chinese Jew

I need to cut cost! I just realized I'm more broke than I am because I overlooked a big bill that I had to pay and I spent the money! No wonder I was thinking how come I've got more money than I should in my bank some days ago...I should have known better, knowing my hopeless money managing skills, or the lack thereof to be precise. Okay, I'm bloody bad with money and it's got to do with my impulsive tendency to buy new stuff to thrill myself which is bad. I'm embarrassed to say that I have no savings cos I spend it all and I always have a shock when the credit card bills come in cos I normally have no idea what I've spent on. So I have to change and start saving. After I clear some bills off of course....But here are the Project Chinese Jew's Back to Frugal Living measures:
  • No more cab rides to work in the morning. I'm supposed to wake up early at 7am so I can catch the bus to work but then I have a, ahem, sleep disorder and I have a hell lot of problem waking up early to catch the bus so I've been taking cab to work every morning and that is BAD. Bus ride $3, cab ride $15....that's 5 times the cost!!! So NO MORE cab rides! Today I failed to wake up when I told BB I'm gonna wake up to take the bus but next week, there'll be no more cab ride! If I take cab, I'll save $60 a week and that's $240 a month.
  • No more Watsons cheap thrill...I have the bad habit of going into Watsons to buy something new every other day but I've got enough shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body moisturizer, skin care products and makeup stuff to last me till the end of the year and most probably beyond, so the next time I go into Watsons would be only to buy tissue paper, sanitary pads and tampons. Okay, and maybe Imedeen...but nothing more!
  • No more shopping. Both in the shop and online...I've got enough clothes, bags, perfumes and shoes....Okay, it's impossible to not shop forever but I'll hold the shopping until end of about that? Then thereafter, maybe I'll buy ONE item a month? Fair?
  • I'll buy only ONE magazine a month instead of'll be UK Glamour
I guess that would do it for now but let's hope I'll succeed!!


Anonymous said...

have heard this so many times zzz. but actually, don't you get a direct 20% staff discount at the hospital pharmacy? if so, why u still shopping at watsons? -hl

B said...

Haha I know this is the umpteenth time I said I need to save but I think this is for real. And yes we get discount but they don't sell the same stuff!

Anonymous said...

my motto is to not buy anything unless there's a discount/rebate, esp toiletries, beauty products--bo hua! -hl

Joan Oh said...

Good luck babe. Another thing you can do is create a separate bank account and get money transferred automatically at the end of the month when your pay cheque comes in. Don't get a credit card or nets card linked to that account. It is a pure savings account. That is what I do.

Sell what you don't need and don't use anymore. That is one way of getting some money that was wasted back.

Stay away from malls!!!

Go to a Fengshui master and ask for the rabbit with the bum in the air statue (just joking).. but seriously, since you believe in it, maybe he can do something for you too!

B said...

Haha I'll do the separate account thing after I'm done with clearing the credit card bills! I want free money!!!

samuel said...

hmmm, one way could be to keep a journal of what you spend on. I have this app for my itouch called MoneyTracker, and I record almost everything I spend on except for those small change items (less than a dollar).

That way I can check how much I have spent every few days and adjust my spending habit from there. That way, you dont have to wait until the end of the month to get a reality check from credit card bills.


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