Saturday, May 15, 2010


Okay, I kinda put the Project Chinese Jew on a pause but it's not exactly a pause cos I bought something BUT, yes, BUT, it's something I actually need and Ah Meow (who's also the original Chinese Jew...actually she's Eurasian Jew technically) and BB have both approved my purchase because true to my Chinese Jew regime, there's a discount!! Woot!
I bought trainers! I got the Reebok Easytone. Now I really didn't have a single pair of trainers before this cos my nike trainer died a horrible death in the gym with the entire sole falling off....very unglam! Anyway, I was never a Reebok fan (though my very first pair of trainer was a Reebok high cut in 1986 or bought it...and now they have the re-make of that old classic available) cos it had always been Nike and Asics but then Reebok came out with Easytone! And how can I say no to a pair of trainers that will tone your ass, legs and calves??? Yup, the Easytone apparently helps tone your lower body by creating micro instability on the soles and therefore making your muscles work harder to maintain balance. The base of the shoes has got little air pods like that of a fit ball to create that tiny bit of instability that works your muscles harder.... According to Reebok, it increases toning on your butt by up to 28%, and both thighs and calves by up to 11%...and just as I'm in need of a pair of trainers so I can go running with BB at MacRitchie, I snapped up a pair! And there's a 25% off thanks to UOB credit card promotion! Woohooo!

So is it good? Well, it's snug and comfy and there really is a teeny bit of instability on the soles but it's not enough to make you fall down or something. You can feel the instability a wee bit more when you're walking up and down the slope but honestly, it's stable but it does walk a bit different. It walks fine nonetheless and I do feel that I'm flexing my calf muscle a wee bit more and that I need a wee bit extra effort to walk but it's not like a huge difference there to be frank, so I dunno how effective the toning effects are. But these are supposed to be subtle effects and I hope it works!

So for a pair of sneakers, it's not bad cos even if it doesn't work, it looks quite nice and funky. But the problem is, how the hell am I gonna wear my normal clothes with running shoes??? For the sake of getting better butt and legs, I would want to wear it all the time but then how do you wear running shoes around without looking like a dork?? And I don't think I can pull off the Lily Allen prom dress and trainers combo without looking like an IMH patient....

 Let's leave the dress and sneakers combo to Lily...I can't and wouldn't want to pull that off

Seriously? It's not even converse sneakers that would look half decent with most outfit, it's full blown running I dunno man...The only time I can think of wearing it without looking weird or like a NTU computer engineering student from China (sorry no offense, lots of them china blokes wear jeans and trainers) is when I go to the gym...oh nooo, I gotta think of how to wear sneakers with fashion now...tough one indeed!


aya_leng said...

Wei, at least yrs died in the gym. Mine died last mth while jogging along road side. Same thing, whole sole came off. So fucking lao kui lah... Had to pretend nothing happened while walking hm head high.

I saw the Easytone ad a few times, very tempted to try, bt no funds, so dare nt walk into the store. Plus, like you, nvr like the brand lah. Hahaha... Watz yr damage?

BTW, recently bought the FitFlop. According them, walking in FitFlop sandals can help:
- increase leg, calf and gluteal muscle activity
- improve your posture
- simulate aspects of barefoot walking but with more muscle load
- improve muscle tone

My guy frens sae it's mktg. Duno...

B said...

Omg, okay sole falling off along the street is worse...wahahaha....

Easytone is very reasonable for trainers! It's $129 before the UOB discount of 25% and after discount it's about $97 which is cheap! Promotion ending next week!! But the trainers look quite stylish for running/training shoes to be honest. Go have a look!

I saw FitFlop...contemplating getting cos Reebok has got the FlipTone which is the flip flop version but I don't see it in Singapore though...I think it works a much I dunno...but at least it's a bit right???


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