Saturday, May 08, 2010

Food Therapy

Well there's no shopping or whatsoever now that I've started Project Chinese Jew but I've got my "methadone" for shopping addiction to help me cope and it's Meiji Strawberry and Macha Chocolate....they're super yummy!! It's $3.50 a pop so it's okay, and I happen to be in my chocolate mood cos I'm probably PMS-ing now. So these yummies are awesome! It's got a super duper rich strawberry and green tea taste and super rich and creamy!

The strawberry one is my favourite and they come in quite a number of different flavour too. BB got the Mango one but I don't think I'm gonna like it cos mango and chocolate somehow don't go together in my fact, it's kinda gross if you asked me (but mango and shaved ice yes!). I'll stick to strawberry and macha...but one bar doesn't last that long to be disappears real quick....

Ohhh then in my attempt to be a Chinese Jew, I saw that there're some pasta at home and so I went to buy some of my favourite instant pasta sauce...the Japanese Wafu Mentaiko Pasta sauce! Yummy yum yum! I got the spicy one! Oh cheap cheap too! 5 bucks a pack!
It's got 2 servings in there though I normally eat them all up cos a single serving isn't enough. Thing is, you're supposed to use 100g of pasta per serving but I normally use a bit less so the taste is more concentrated cos I do find it slightly stingy on the amount of cod roe....and speaking of Mentaiko, the best mentaiko dish I've had so far that's really really good is from Waraku and it's their Mentaiko Udon. It's slightly creamy unlike the normal mentaiko pasta so when you eat it, it's really rich and super yummy. I had one today cos we went Central Mall for Ah Meow's birthday lunch and ohhh it was's always too little and never enough! How I love mentaiko!

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