Friday, May 14, 2010

Tree Carnage!

Oh no! I hate it when they cut down the trees and the trees below my place have been butchered!! It's chainsaw massacre!

Look at how they chopped the tree??? I can understand the need to prune but then chopping it down to this is just a bit much! I could almost hear the tree crying in pain :( And it's an open area that doesn't pose much obstruction so I don't understand why they must chop it instead of prune it!!! It's unsightly and it's just plain cruel and I HATE to see that and they even chopped down all the rest of the trees to look like this and my condo area now looks horrid when in the past I used to really love all the greens and lush canopy but now it's a plain sorry sight...I suspect they chopped it all the way down cos they want to cut cost cos then you probably don't need to prune the trees for another 5 years or something...tsk tsk tsk...I hate this!!!!! It's awful!!!! It looks like Sleepy Hollow now! I will lodge a complaint to the management! Grrrr....

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