Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chitosan Trim Update

Now it's been more than a month since that I started taking the Chitosan Trim thing and here's the update on whether it works or not....hmm...I THINK it does work despite the fact that my clothes don't feel looser or anything like that. Thing is, I don't take it with every damn meal cos I only take it when I eat greasy food. I'll pop 6 if the meal is very greasy and say 3 if it's moderately greasy. So it's on a "as required" basis.

It kinda works...and it's gonna be disgusting cos I'm gonna talk about bowel movements....so here you go.....I actually do see some grease in my "waste" and there's a wee bit more output than usual....sorry that I gross you out now but I'm just trying to tell you how it works...

So the verdict is, I don't think you'd want to take it for weight loss per se but I would say it's more of a health supplement cos it blocks oil and get it out of your system instead of having you absorbed it all. Will I buy it again? Yes most likely cos it's handy when you're having a big meal...I feel psychologically less fat when I pop it before I pig out!

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